Thursday, April 5, 2012

DJ DOG DICK in Wlmington, DE (Final Friday #4) 3/30/12

Crank Sturgeon - NYC @ Outer Spaceways Inc. 4/3/2010

Jandek with Aaron Dilloway, Robert Turman, and Peter B at Dionysus Disco

Incapacitants live in Tokyo 4/29/2009

Part 1

Part 2

Pulse Emitter

Wolf Eyes - Burn Your House Down

Wolf Eyes
From "Pick a Winner" (2004)

Experimental ½ Hour - Episode XXI: Golden Retriever & The Cysts

Container - Application

From "LP" (2011)

Yellow Swans - Limited Space

Yellow Swans
From "Going Places" (2009)

Animal Collective - Urban Creme

Animal Collective
From "Oddsac" (2010)

Manon Anne Gillis - Diastemie

Mannon Anne Gillis
From "Euragine" (1994)

Alone - Chao beñi

From "Las Villas" (2011)

Pale Blue Sky - Fleece

Pale Blue Sky
From "Shades of Grey" (2010)

Kraftwerk - Europe Endless

From "Trans Europe Express" (1977)

Angel Olsen - Tiniest Lights

Angel Olsen
From "Strange Cacti" (2010)

Joan of Arc - White Out

Joan of Arc
From "How Memory Works" (1998)