Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lilypad - Signal Longings (Side A)

From "Signal Longings" (2009)

Natural Snow Buildings - The Faceless

Natural Snow Buildings
From "Shadow Kingdom CD1" (2009)

Spheruleus - How White The Cerulean Sky

From "How White The Cerulean Sky" (2009)

Terrestrial Tones - Plowman

Terrestrial Tones
From "Dead Drunk" (2006)

Eric Copeland - U.F.O's Over Vampire City

Eric Copeland
From "Whorehouse Blues" (2011)

Steve Hauschildt - Precious Afterthoughts

Steve Hauschildt
From "The Summit" (2008)

Grouper - 04

From "Live @ Plano B - Oporto, Portugal 2009-11-11" (2009)

TwinSisterMoon - House Carpenter's Daughter

From "Rivers of Blood Ending in the Sun" (2008)

Porn Sword Tobacco - Watts Tower

Porn Sword Tobacco
From "Explains Freedom" (1989)

Atrium Musicae De Madrid, Gregorio Paniagua - Epitaph of Seikilos

Atrium Musicae De Madrid, Gregorio Paniagua
From "Norton Recorded Anthology Of Western Music - Volume 1 [Disc 1]" (1979)

Baaba Maal - Call to Prayer

Baaba Maal
From "A Brief History of Ambient Volume 2: Imaginary Landscapes" (1989)